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A more in depth study about ColdFusion tags

Another free ColdFusion service – cfaday

Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

I’ve just published the last piece of the puzzle. For those who read my last blog post, you should be already familiar with the “a day series”
It’s a small set of applications aimed to all ColdFusion Developers who want to go the extra mile, and not limit their knowledge to only a small set of information.
The functionality is pretty simple, you set one of the URL’s as your homepage, and every time you open a new page/tab, it shows you a new ColdFusion function or tag deppending on the flavor you chose.
I’m now publishing the version that includes it all:

This last bit, includes all the current ColdFusion Functions and Tags mixed together, and works the same way as the previous versions. Again I’d encourage everybody to try it, and use it in a daily basis. it’s incredible how much I’ve been learning in the past few days just by giving a quick read on every new tab I open.
If you find any problem, or have any comment aout it, please let me know, and I shall fix it.
Check it out and bookmark it!

Tag of the day: CFIMAGE Captcha (part 2)

Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

as this tag does a whole bunch of things, I decided to show one more usage example.
Today I’m gonna show some captcha:

<cfimage action="captcha" fontSize="18" width="150" height="75" text="placona" difficulty="low">

Which will display something like this:
Captcha placona 1

<cfimage action="captcha" fontSize="18" width="150"
height="75" text="placona" difficulty="medium">

Displaying something like:
Captcha placona 2 

<cfimage action="captcha" fontSize="18" width="150"
height="75" text="placona" difficulty="high">

Which displays my favorite and hardest one.

Captcha placona 3
See how easy we go from very simple to very complex captchas by only changing the attribute difficulty?
Hope you liked the examples.

Tag of the day: CFIMAGE

Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

I was playing with my Alpha version of Scorpio and found some interesting new functions for images. The tag of the day was CFIMAGE
The marketing is what moves the business.
As most of the CF Developers are men, I decided to use this image 🙂
That was just 1% of what this tag can do, and here’s the code:

<cfimage source="test.jpg" name="myImage">
<cfset attr = StructNew() />
<cfset attr.underline = "no" />
<cfset attr.size = 13 />
<cfset = "bold" />
<cfset ImageSetDrawingColor(myImage,"white") />
<cfset ImageDrawText(myImage,"",90,170,attr) />
<cfimage source="#myImage#" action="writeToBrowser">

Ps. I’m not breaking any NDA here as all the code shown here has been shown in previous posts about Scorpio’s new features