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Month: December 2006 (page 2 of 4)

Scorpio on Adobe Labs

Reading time: < 1 minute

For those who still don’t know (I doubt). Yesterday Adobe put some ColdFusion Scorpio information on Adobe Labs

There you can find Scorpio’s F.A.Q and some red(ish) Scorpio’s wallpapers.

ColdFusion on Ubuntu

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

After problems with the wifi (which is almost working at the moment), I decided then to install ColdFusion.

I found some good stuff on google about this installation, which by the way is pretty straight forward, as you basically press enter in the console instead of pressing next in the interface installation.

The version I installed was CF 7.02 for Linux. After the installation, I checked the install logs, and there wasn’t anything wrong.

I had Apache 2 installed on my laptop, but decided to try the built in on port 8500, and didn’t have any problem until I tried to start the ColdFusion service.

I got and error with a message like this:
“Error: please check cfserver.log”
When checking the logs I found only one message.
“Unknown Id: placona”

So… what the hell is it? Bloody hell it was too good to be true!

I then uninstalled and tried to install it logged as “root”, instead of using “sudo” for the installation.

The installation was straight forward again, same configuration, but decided to change the login for CF.
This time I used “CFMX” instead of “placona”.
At first I thought this might be the problem as I created a login for CF using the same computer’s name.
When I tried to start CF again, I got the same error, but this time on the logs I saw:
“Unknown id: CFMX”.

I was wrong, this had nothing to do with the machine name, but with the user name I was using for CF.
I then went to Ubuntu user manager and created a user with the exact user name and password as I created for ColdFusion administrator.
When I tried to start CF again…
“ColdFusion is running…”
So here’s my tip:
Everytime you install CF, create a system user with the same details as provided for the installation.

Ubuntu Experience.

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

Powered by Ubuntu

Following the last post about network problems and dodgy Firewalls. This time I decided to install Ubuntu on my laptop. I have to be honest saying that it was my first time installing something *nix.

This time I received some cd’s from

From this CD you can either run Ubuntu as a Live CD (not having to install anything on your machine) or from the Live CD go for an installation. I backed up my whole laptop and decided to give it a try.

The wizards are really intuitive. You have to answer some questions for configuration purposes and then it’s time to create a new partition.

I was really scared when I saw the partition screen, as I was completely sure it was gonna destroy my Windows installation. Can you imagine Linux doing something good for your fragile Windows?

I was wrong, it’s really neat, and it easily gave me the option to create the partitions manually, so I created one new partition for the root “/” (must have minimum 2GB space) and another one for the swap (minimum 256mb space).

Then clicked next, confirmed the installation and off it went. In 15 minutes I had Ubuntu running like it had been installed for months, as I didn’t even had to bother with drivers.

As previously said, I use a wireless router in my place and was really afraid it wasn’t gonna recognize it. Again for my surprise, as soon as I got it installed I was able to browse for all the wireless networks on the neighborhood.

My problem: Now I can see all the networks, but for some reason I can’t connect to it. It says there’s an error with the hardware. I know the hardware is OK as it works on my Windows Installation, but was reading about something related to a Built In Firewall in the Ubuntu installation.

Will check that tonight and update this entry from my brand new Ubuntu installation.

CF Easter

Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

I was reading CFSilence today and saw Todd Sharp’s post asking what’s your favorite easter eggs. He’s talking about website easter eggs, but I just remembered one which is not on a website, but on ColdFusion MX

Yeah that’s right, it’s on your ColdFusion administrator.

If you wanna see it, just open your IE (6 or 7), go to: Tools –> Internet Options –> Languages. there you add a new custom language called CFML

Then go to your ColdFusion Administrator and click on System Settings and a pop-up should show up.

It works on either CFMX 6 to 7.2 or Scorpio. I guess I can add this to my Scorpio Checklist 😉

Have fun…

UPDATE: Make CFML the first language on the list otherwise it won’t work

Scottish CFUG with Rob Gonda

Reading time: < 1 minute

According to Andy Allan’s Blog Rob Gonda will be speaking to the Scottish CFUG this Thursday (07/11/2006) @ 8pm (GMT) via Acrobat Connect about Ajax integrated with ColdFusion, comparing frameworks, and telling us about the Ajax history.

Don’t miss this opportunity

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