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Been a long time without blogging, and yesterday I was thinking I should slowly get back to it, as my last entry is dated almost 4 months.

I’ve been through a lot of changes (for good) lately and as busy as I like.

In fact, I’ve just moved back to England after my not so pleasant time in Belgium. Those who ever been to Belgium and are not actually Belgians will know what I’m talking about.

I’m now working for a new company that many of my European readers will know of called

I’m enjoying this job as I’ve never enjoyed before. There’s a superb atmosphere, the guys over here are really serious about ColdFusion (just the way I like)

Also, I get to work alongside with one of the Adobe Community Experts for ColdFusion, Kev McCabe, so it works a treat for me.

Things are now getting back to normal, and I *should* be able to post more often. I’m not gonna promise regular posts, as every time I did that on the past I ended up being too lazy busy and not keeping my word. I have a blog post in mind, which should be coming up on the next few days. In advance I can say ‘reader discretion’ advised, and it might not be very pleasant to all the readers. There’s a couple of things I’ve been seeing on the community I’d like to rant talk about, and me thinks there’s no better space to talk about it than my own space.

So keep an eye at this space for future announcements.