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Adobe, and a number of our partners across Europe, are running a series of half-day workshops to help you get up to speed with building applications using ColdFusion 8. A few places have been selected already, and it seems that a few others are to be announced in the near future.

Contracry to what a few people think, ColdFusion is not dead and not even close to die.

Adobe in investing a serious money on marketing for ColdFusion, and there’s hundreds of people starting to love ColdFusion every single day. Search for ColdFusion on twitter, and see what the majority thinks. Of course there’s a few uninformed people saying ColdFusion is dying, or even saying it a dead language, but the reality is:

Adobe wouldn’t be investing so much money in ColdFusion if they thought it’s not proffitable. So for those saying bad things about ColdFusion, here’s my image for you

Now the locations and dates to the FREE ColdFusion workshops:

  • Cologne, January 20th
  • Amsterdam, January 22nd
  • Brussels (NL), January 27th
  • Brussels (FR), January 28th
  • Paris, February 3rd
  • London, February 5th

More information and registration forms can be found on Andrew Shorten’s blog

Now, for the bargain of the week:

This book can’t be found anywhere for this price in the UK, and sometimes you’ll find it on the high street for as much as twice the price. I’ve had this book before, but for some reason left it on my parents house (back in Brazil), so now I’ve decided to buy it again. As a brief description, this is one of the best books you will find when the subject is Design Patterns. It describes the usage in a very visually rich format, making it very easy for your brain to assimilate. I’ll be posting a book review when I have some time.